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Publication Ethics

Issuing time:2022-11-17 10:30

“NewVision Press” follows the recognized publication ethics. We firmlyoppose plagiarism in any form. Authors submitting articles to the journalshould affirm that manuscript contents are original. They should also warrantthat their article has neither been published elsewhere in any language fullyor partly, nor is it under review for publication anywhere.

Theeditors, authors and reviewers of “New Vision Press” should perform thefollowing duties, and adhere to the submission guidelines and otherrequirements of the journal.

Publication Ethics for Journal Editors

Editors should be accountable for everything published in their journal: thisincludes having measures in place to assess the quality of the material theyaccept for the journal and a willingness to publish corrections andclarifications when required.

Editors should act in a fair and balanced way when carrying out their duties,without discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, orreligious or political beliefs.

Editors should provide guidance to authors and reviewers on everything that isexpected of them.

Publication Ethics for Journal Authors

Authors should declare that all work in their submitted piece is original, andcite content from other sources appropriately to avoid plagiarism.

Authors must ensure their contribution does not contain any libellous matter orinfringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights or any otherrights of any third party.

The listing of authors should accurately reflect who carried out the researchand wrote the article, and the order of authorship should be jointly determinedby all of the co-authors.

All authors should be aware of the submission of their paper to the journal andagree to the main author signing an IPR form on their behalf.

Authors should ensure that their manuscript as submitted is not underconsideration (or accepted for publication) elsewhere. Where sections of themanuscript overlap with published or submitted content, this should beacknowledged and cited.

Authors should obtain permission to reproduce any content from third-partysources (text and images).Unfortunately, the Press is unable to publishthird-party content for which permission has not been obtained (excluding contentcovered by fair dealing).

The source of funding for a research project should be listed on all fundedresearch papers. Other sources of support (including funding for Open Accessarticle processing charges) should also be clearly identified in themanuscript, typically in an acknowledgement.

Authors should declare any potential conflicts of interest relating to aspecific article.

Publication Ethics for Journal Article Reviewers

Reviewers should assist in improving the quality of a submitted article byreviewing the manuscript with care, consideration and objectivity, in a timelymanner.

Reviewers should inform the journal editor of any published or submittedcontent that is similar to the material under review, or any suspectedplagiarism.

Reviewers should declare any potential conflicts of interest relating to aspecific article or author.

Retractions and Corrections

1. Editors shouldconsider retracting a publication if they have clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct(e.g. data fabri­cation) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation or experimentalerror); the findings have previously been published elsewhere without propercross-referencing, permission or justification (i.e. cases of redundant publication);it constitutes plagiarism; it reports unethical research.

2. Notices ofretraction should be linked to the retracted article wherever possible (i.e. inall electronic versions); clearly identify the retracted article (e.g. byincluding the title and authors in the retraction heading); be publishedpromptly to minimize harmful effects from misleading publications.

3. Editors shouldconsider issuing a correction if a small portion of an otherwise reliablepublication proves to be misleading (especially because of honest error); theauthor / contributor list is incorrect (i.e. a deserving author has beenomitted or somebody who does not meet authorship criteria has been included).