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Editorial Board

Issuing time:2024-05-30 11:19

Editorial Board

International Journal of Linguistics,Literature & Teaching belongs to Editorial Department of Northeast AsiaForeign Language Forum. Our editorial department aims to provide a platform forlanguage experts, scholars and teachers, our editorial board focuses onlinguistics, foreign language and literature studies, translation and foreignlanguage education and teaching research. Articles published in the periodicalwill be included in the CNKl database.

Our editorial department is responsible forpublishing three journals, International Journal of Linguistics, Literature& Teaching, Northeast Asia Forum on Foreign Languages, BusinessTranslation. After the paper is submitted to our editorial department, theeditorial committee will conduct the preliminary review. After passing thepreliminary examination, the payment notice will be sent. After payment, thepapers are reviewed by a panel of experts. Experts and authors will interact tomodify, edit, and unify the style. The papers that pass the final examinationwill be published in the journal.

The editorial department aims to enhancethe academic level of linguistic, literature and teaching all over the world.This department has been supported by many universities at home and abroad,especially in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russiaand other countries, and it also received attention and support from manyuniversities in the northeast and Northwest of China.

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